List of Works

Below is a listing of Bullock’s musical compositions. Please feel free to listen to the samples below some of the selections.  If you are interested in commissioning an original musical work, please click here.

Works in Progress

  • Nocturne, for Piano Solo (Commissioned by the Festival « Les Nuits de Palaminy ») World premiere: July 28, 2018 Palaminy, France

Estimated completion: end of 2018:


  • « The Awakening of Humanity » oratorio: Fifth and final movement « The Human Cathedral » and overture
Estimated completion : May, 2019

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  • For French Public Radio: Musical Comedy, « Dames et Chevaliers, Mémoires de la Table Ronde » (Dames and Knights, Memories of the Round Table)

Completed Works

2017 « Fantasy », based on My Country ’tis of Thee, for Piano Solo:  (Commissioned by the French SACEM)


2016 « Te Deum » (excerpt),  for Full Chorus, Soprano, Tenor Soloists and Organ  (Commissioned by the Fondation du Patrimoine de France, Gers region)

2016 « Cycle de Trois Mélodies », for Soprano and Piano,
based on the Prince Consort of Denmark’s poetry book « La Part des Anges » (The Angel’s Portion). (Commissioned by the Prince Consort of Denmark)

2015 « The Awakening of Humanity » oratorio: Mvmt I « The Human Condition » and Mvmt II « Human Instincts »


2014 « Cycle of Six French Art Songs », based on poems by the Prince Henrik of Denmark:  (Commissioned by the Prince Consort of Denmark)

2012 « Prélude Elégiaque »
, for piano solo, excerpt from « Le Cortège de Lucie » oratorio

2009 « Three Tango Fantasies »,  for Piano Solo

2008 Prelude: « Called, a Life Lived in Love »,
for Piano Solo (Commissioned by The Summit Lighthouse)

Appalachian Concerto, for Piano & Orchestra
, commissioned by and dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Hood, Jr.

Completed August 2004

Performances: Sept 2004 (two-piano version) and April 2005, Appalachian State University (A. S. U.), Boone, N. C., May 29, 30, 2008, Paris, France, Feb 6, 7 2009, Hickory, N. C.

I. Moderato con molto teneramante

A Spanish Concertina, for Bandoneon and Wind Ensemble, co-commissioned by and dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Hood, Jr. and Appalachian State University

Completed August 2004

Performances: April 2006, ASU, Boone, North Carolina

II. Andante melancolico

‘Waltz: A Daughter’s Memory of 1930’s Vienna’ (Homage to Franz Schubert), for Violin, ‘Cello and Piano, commissioned by Dr. Murray Miller and wife, Renée

Completed December 2006

Performances: Feb 2007, Lake Wales, FL., Greensboro, N. C., March 2007, Toulouse, France, Sept 2007, 7 performances in the Toulouse, France area

Quintet for String Quartet and Piano, commissioned by the Catawba Valley Arts Council, N. C.

Completed January 2007

Performances: Feb 2007, A. S. U., Boone, N. C., Feb 2009, Winston-Salem, N. C.

‘Ode to Joy’ transcription for Violin, ‘Cello, Piano and Chorus, from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, commissioned by the Communautés et Communes de Save et Garonne et l’Association Patsy

Completed August, 2007

Performances: Sept 2007, 15 performances, Toulouse, France area, May 2008, 4 performances in the Toulouse, France area, Feb 2009, Hickory, N. C., May 2009, Masseube, France

‘Songs of the Night’, for Soprano & Piano-Trio

Completed October 1999

Performances: Nov 1999 Peabody Institute Baltimore, Maryland, Nov 1999 New York Carnegie Weill, June 2000 Toulouse, France, Sept 2002 New York Carnegie Weill, Nov 2004 Columbia, Maryland

Movement I……………………. Movement VIII

Trio in C minor, for Violin, Cello & Piano

Completed March 2000

Performances: May 2000, Peabody Institute, Baltimore, MD, June 2000, Toulouse, France, Madrid, Spain, Nov 2000, Carnegie Weill Hall, N. Y., Sept 2000, Banner Elk, N. C., Sept 2003, A. S. U., N. C., Aug 2004, Banner Elk, N. C. Sept 2004, Louisburg, N. C., Feb 2007, Lake Wales, FL, Greensboro, N. C., Sept 2007, 15 concerts in the Toulouse, France area, June 2008, Masseube, Auch, Castelnau-Magnoac, France


II. Waltz

Sonata in D Major, for Violin & Piano

Completed March 2001

Performances: June 2001, Toulouse, France, Sept 2002, Carnegie Weill Hall, N. Y., Jan 2003, Toulouse & Carcassonne, France, Sept 2003, Banner Elk, Mount Olive, N. C., Sept 2007, 6 performances, Toulouse, France area, Nov 2009, Barran, France, May 2010, Carcassonne, France

I. Theme and Nine Variations (Theme)

Elegy Sonata, for Cello & Piano

Completed March 2002

Performances: Sept 2002, Banner Elk, North Carolina, Sept 2002, Carnegie Weill Hall, NY, Sept 25, 2005 Raleigh, NC, Feb 2007, Lake Wales, FL, Greensboro, NC, Sept 2007, 7 peformances, Toulouse France area.

II. Scherzo: Prestissimo

Cycle de Sept Mélodies, for Soprano & Piano, En l’honneur des Sept Troubadours et de Clémence Isaure, fondateurs des Jeux Floraux de Toulouse

Completed May 2001

Performances: Dec 2002, Carnegie Weill Hall, N. Y., Monticello, VA, June 2002 Toulouse, France, Oct 2005, Hickory, N. C., Jan 2006, ASU

Three Nocturnes “Sept. 11, 2001″ for Piano Solo

Completed Sept. 2001

Performances: Nov 2001, Carnegie Weill Hall, N. Y., June 2002, Toulouse, France, Oct 2005, Hickory, N. C., Sept 2009, March 2010, Masseube, France, Feb & July, 2010, Hickory, N. C.

Cycle of 5 Troubadour Songs, for Soprano & Piano, with English translations of Provençal texts by Ezra Pound

Completed May 2002

Performances: June 2002 Toulouse, France, Dec. 2002, Carnegie Weill Hall, NY, Monticello, VA, Oct 2005, Hickory, NC, Jan 2006, ASU

Tre Canzonieri, of Petrarch, for Mezzo-Soprano & Piano

Completed May 2002

Performances: June 2002, Toulouse, France, Dec 2002, Carnegie Weill Hall, NY

Three Spirituals, for Bass-Baritone, Cello & Piano

Completed February 2003

Performances: March 2003, Washington, D. C., Sept 2004, Nashville, TN, May 2009, Hickory, NC

‘L’Amor de Lonh, » for Soprano & Piano

Completed March 2003

Performances: April 2003, Toulouse, France, Oct 2005, Hickory, NC, Feb 2006, ASU

Cancion d’Amor, for Baritone & Piano, from ‘Twenty Love Poems’, in Spanish, of Pablo Neruda,

Completed August 2001

Performances: Oct 2001, Rockefeller Foundation, New York

Serenade, for Violin & Piano

Completed August 2000

Performances: Sept 2000 Banner-Elk, North Carolina, Nov 2000 NY Carnegie Weill

‘Fanfare & Chorale’, for Brass Quintet, Commissioned for the Centennial of Lees-McRae College, Banner-Elk, NC

Completed August 2000

Performances: Sept 2000 Banner-Elk, North Carolina

‘Four Seasons’, for Piano Solo

Completed August 1999

Performances: Oct 1999, Banner Elk, N. C., June 2000, Toulouse, France, Verona, Italy

Nocturne, for Cello & Piano

Completed August 1999

Performances: Sept. 1999, Banner Elk, N. C.

‘L’Ame de la Gesse’, for Soprano & Piano

Completed March 1998

Performances: June 1998 Toulouse, France, Dec 1998, Carnegie Weill Hall, N. Y. Sept 1999, Washington, D. C.

‘Kochka’, Musical Theater, Orchestra & 2 Narrators, text in French by Nicole Villa (registered with SACD in France), Commissioned by Association La 440 Chamber

Completed May 1994

Performances: June 1994 Lavelanet & Foix, France